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    Reasonable design,Faster bottle blowing

    Reasonable bottle preform design makes the bottle blowing more efficient and the shape more perfect.

    High-quality High-performance

    Solutions for PP/PE/PC packaging containers.

    Light-weight Big-volume

    Solutions for PET packaging containers.


    About Us

         ZQ Machinery is a sole subsidiary corporation of Hongkong East Lianfeng Internation Company Limited. Our corporation is located in Huangyan--"Blow Molding Machine City in China", with total investment of 11 million US dollars and covers 50 thousand square meters. It is an enterprise professionally manufactures pet stretch blow molding machines, pe blow moulding machines and blowing moulds.We are devoting ourselves to technical research in order to build up a good reputation & famous brand.

         Focused on customers, cored on quality, the corporation and customers are viewed as a united whole. Customers' requirements are all we should do.


    PET Material - Packaging Bottle - Application.From ZQ

    Due to the convenience, safety and flexibility of PET bottles, plastic PET bottles are very popular and more sensibl...


    PET bottles have poor transparency.

    In the process of blowing bottle, we will encounter various problems.For example: PET bottles have poor transparency...


    Welcome to CHINAPLAS 2019 | ZQ BOOTH:11.1D21

    CHINAPLAS 2019The 33th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber IndustrieDate: 21-24 May 2019 Openi...


    Welcome to CHINAPLAS 2018 | ZQ BOOTH:8.1D29

    CHINAPLAS 2018The 32th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber IndustriesDate:  24-27 April 2018Opening...


    The Best Economical Fully-automatic blow molding machine.

    The Best Economical Fully-automatic blow molding machine.ZQ-M series of blowing machines can produce different shape...


    Quick Reply

    Reply to your inquiries about products and related questions online within 24 hours.

    Training team

    Train your operators to achieve rapid mass production and achieve the best production efficiency in order to quickly realize economic benefits.

    After-sales service

    Timely and effective problem solving mechanism. If the equipment fails, we will solve the problem within 48 hours after receiving the customer's notification.


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